Here is a great promotional product for any person who enjoys Cognac and travelling. This fantastic duty free GWP  offers customers the chance to get themselves a travel backpack when buying this promotional Cognac. Not only does the promo product offer customers this fantastic bag and great tasting spirit but it even comes with a smaller bottle itself for those little top ups to kill the fight nerves.

GWP: Free Travel Bag with Any Bisquit Cognac

GWP: Free Travel Bag with Any Bisquit Cognac

What We Like About this GWP Travel Bag

  • The bags design and colour scheme is very suited to the bronze cognac. It also has a very stylish design that is very close to Bisquit’s premium appearance. This, as well as the branding on the bag, it is easy to associated the brand and with that look.
  • As the bag is made to accompany travellers who have hand luggage on a flight or as they leave the airport to wherever they are staying, this convenient sized bag can develop demand and added value to the companies product as it is so convenient. Even if people do not like the taste, or enjoy Cognac, this GWP can introduce those that don’t normally drink the spirit more justification on purchasing the expensive bottle.
  • The product also rewards on going customers a free bag to celibate their loyalty and purchasing of their products.
  • Travel bags are a great idea for increasing brand awareness as the customer who own the free gift will be travelling with it, taking the name Bisquit to new markets and customers all over the world.
GWP: Free Travel Bag with Any Bisquit Cognac

GWP: Free Travel Bag with Any Bisquit Cognac

Here at ODM we love to travel in style and think this gift with purchase promo bag is the perfect way to do it. If you are interested in promoting your company with bag or any other promotional gift then we would love to help. We have a fantastic in house design team to help you with any product creating you desire. So contact us today and get a quote.

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