Dry fit clothing was developed for sport activities and can easily adapt to dynamic games like Football, soccer, hockey etc.. as it reduces resistance due to its flexibility. Relatively resistant to water, dry fit fabrics draw perspiration and transport it to the surface giving the wearer maximum comfort. Furthermore, the sweat quickly evaporates leaving the skin dry and cool making it perfect for Marathons in hot climates.

Polyester & Spandex are core materials for Dry Fit, the latter increasing elasticity and strength of the fabric.

Mesh shirts are a great and more cost effective alternative for use in sports and street clothing.  Very popular around basketball.  Its core benefit is the high level of ventilation. Mesh needs no ironing and this material is resistant to wrinkles.   Mix with other shiny fabrics and Silk Screen logos like we did with this shirt for more appeal.

ODM can customize dry fit and mesh T-shirts and apparel for all your sports needs out of China – According to your specifications, cut and colours.