Sawadika! Welcome to Thailand, home of the hospitable locals. An expenditure of 100 Baht at the Wat Pho temple in Thailand will entitle visitors to a free bottle of water.

The bottle label has a beautiful picture of one of the largest and oldest temples of Bangkok. This product not only replenishes your body fluids but also acts as a promotional product for the temple and a memento of the place.

Do you know that the most effective type of advertisements are those printed on necessity products or ones used on a daily basis? Examples of these items can be hot water bottles, towels, etc.

If you would like to have your advertisement or company logos branded on a promotional product, you can do it as well. Just contact any ODM staff and we would be pleased to assist you.

So, why not make your promotional gift like Wat Pho’s, a keepsake for tourists – a necessity souvenir to remember the land of smiles.

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