Sex can be a taboo topic in some Asian communities. However, a restaurant in Thailand is openly spreading the message of safe sex; by giving out free condoms at their restaurant.

Cabbages & Condoms is actually one of Thailand’s most established non profit organizations that aims to promote family planning within the country. They have a restaurant as well as resort, which they use as a platform to promote their stand.

Free Condom with Meal.

These life-size mannequins were spotted in their restaurant and they look like any typical ones you would see in a store. However, upon closer inspection, you would realize that their costume is entirely made out of condoms.

This family of mannequins was strategically placed at the counter where free condoms are given out upon payment. This would encourage positive reinforcement of their ‘safe sex’ and ‘family planning’ message to all customers just before they leave the restaurant.

Promotional Displays & Free Condoms for Giveaways & Marketing

To further drive home the message, the company could brand their logo or a message on their condom packet to enhance brand recall in the long run. Some types of branding that can be used are foil stamping, laser printing and heat transfer.

This goes to show that you do not always need to give out complex promotional products to catch your target market’s attention. You can always have a quirky campaign instead!

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