Nam Ho Travel is giving away a promotional foldable water bottle for every online booking made. These bottles can be used to store and drink water anywhere as you travel. It is foldable, thus it is slim and portable which gives the user convenience. It can also be used to store hot water and keep it warm during winter. Read on to find out how the promotional foldable water bottle is used effectively as a promotional gift..

First of all, who is Nam Ho Travel?

Nam Ho Travel Service (Singapore) Pte Ltd is incorporated in 1963. It is one of the most established travel agency in Singapore.

Nam Ho Travel Service is a member to international associations such as the International Air Transport Association (IATA), National Association of Travel Agents Singapore (NATAS) and Singapore Tourism Board (STB).


Foldable Travel Water Bottle

Foldable Travel Water Bottle

Why did they use the promotional foldable water bottle as a promotional gift?

The promotional water bottle can be folded when it is empty. Thus, the user may bring it along in his or her luggage when going for a holiday and fill it with water when the user has reached the destination. This gives convenience and saves space when the water bottle is not in use.

How can a promotional foldable water bottle affect sales?

Nam Ho Travel has branded its logo on the promotional foldable water bottle to increase brand awareness as the user uses it to drink water when travelling. It also boosts brand recall as it provides reminder advertising. The promotional foldable water bottle will entice customers to make online bookings with the travel agency and increase sales for Nam Ho Travel. It has a high perceived value due to its novelty and convenience. What do you think of this promotional foldable water bottle?