Packaging plays a very important role in increasing the perceived value of the promo gift you are offering. Promo gifts offered as an on-pack promotion is often low end products. Customers may be able to tell and the product will lose its appeal. Here are some ideas that you can use to make your campaign successful.

How Packaging Affects the Perceived Value of Promo Gifts

Promo Gift - Packaging Idea

Promo Gift – Packaging Idea

Take a look at how Panasonic package its earphones! They place the earpieces as such it resembles a musical note. This certainly increases the appeal of the product. The packaging does not take a lot of different materials. It basically only consists of acrylic case and foam. This is definitely great for on-pack promotions!

If you are sponsoring for events, giving away your product in a unique packaging like this Evian bottle will certainly increase your brand awareness. The bottle shape resembles a mountain in Evian’s logo. Evian also use the company colour  red, for the bottle cap to add a theme to the product.

Promo Gift - Paper Packaging

Promo Gift – Paper Packaging

Goodie bags are often given away during events. Goodie bags are practical as this will help the guests to bring back all the promo gift conveniently. You may want to explore the possibilities of designing the goodie bag. Take a look at paper bags by YKM in the picture. Isn’t it such a creative idea? There are many other applications like for example the paper bag for the shoes. Talking about shoes, check out this Little Clever Bag by Puma.

Promo Gift - Clever Little Bag by Puma

Promo Gift – Clever Little Bag by Puma

This is their packaging for shoes. You can use the bag on its own. What Puma do is simply to insert some cardboard skeleton to make it into a box. This skeleton can be folded and kept inside the bag itself. Or if you do not want the cardboard, you can just put it in the shoes inside the bag. This bag is certainly interesting and have a fairly large appeal to customers.

Now you see why it is important to have a good packaging. Don’t you want to design your own too?