Do you want your clients to remember your brand, to use it & think of you regularly? No need to look for mind blowing invention. Think simple, think practical.

The Mars company gives us this perfect example of useful promotions. To boost its M&M sales it created the ‘M-Brella”, a handy blue or yellow umbrella with the M&M mascots printed on.

Promotional gift “M-brella” by Mars

Lieke Duijmelings, Marketing Director of Mars International Travel Retail, explains that “The ‘M brella’ is a simple but colourful way to express the fun and vibrancy of the M&M’s brand. Whether it’s to protect the traveller from the blazing sun in Dubai or the drizzle of an English summer in London, the ‘M brella’ is also an iconic accessory that’s useful for any journey.”

Click Video Below:

Promotional gift by Mars video

Clients who bought two packets of M&M’s (peanut 430 grams, choco 430 grams, crispy 335 grams) in a Travel Value & Duty Free shops during August or September received a free special M&M umbrella.

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