The American chocolate company MARS are offering 1 million footballs as an on pack promotion. The footballs are exclusively designed with a logo of England’s National Football Team. One of the reasons why MARS is collaborating with the English National Team is because the company is an official supporter for the team.

An association with the English National Football team is a great way of showing off the MARS brand. This is because it is well respected in the UK, as well as having three famous footballers, Wayne Rooney, Gary Cahill and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain at the picture.

MARS gives away 1m footballs in on pack promotion

MARS gives away 1m footballs in on pack promotion

The limited edition on pack promotions of MARS will contain a simple mechanism to win, with consumers unwrapping the bar to expose a unique code within the wrapper. They will then be able to convert their code online or via text to find out if they are a winner.

Why use on pack promotion?

On pack promotions is a great marketing strategy to make something unique and memorable to your customers. Especially the key word “memorable could sometimes be a difficult thing to happen. Therefore on pack promotions is a great way to brand your logo in collaboration with other brands and therefore at lot easier to remember as well.

MARS gives away 1m footballs in on pack promotion

MARS gives away 1m footballs in on pack promotion

Stand out among your competitors

If you want your business to gain success now days, it is of utmost importance to stand out among the competition if you are finding your business in a red ocean market. You sometimes needs to take risks.

In this case MARS is taking chances. They are supporting the English National Football Team during their qualification to EURO 2016. So far England has managed to gain success in the qualifiers due to the fact that they have won every game until now and therefore will have a positive reaction in public. Then people will be more aware of the marketing campaign and you will therefore have better chances to boost your sales and market share.

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