Recently one of ODM’s Account Managers was traveling from Hong Kong to Shenzhen. After passing the border the Chinalink bus taking him to the Shenzhen airport had to pass several highway toll booths. Each lane was separated with traffic cones in order to prevent cars from changing lanes. During rush hour drivers can be waiting anywhere from one to ten minutes & these traffic cones (that are primarily being used for traffic control) were used to advertise a campaign for safe driving.

The traffic cones can have a second utility to promote brand or campaigns while serving their principle role.  Using Utility products like this as a promotional display tool makes sense where drivers are idle and moving at extremely slow speeds.

Road Cones a Display items

This kind of promotional tool can not be adapted to every traffic cone since sometimes drivers see the cones on the side when driving at fast speeds. This could become a great hazard to driving since the vision of the driver could be distracted by glimpsing at the cone on the side of the road. This is why traffic cones can only be used in areas where cars are static such as when they are waiting in line.

The example we saw in Shenzhen before passing the highway toll was very efficient since there was congestion before passing the toll and every lane was demarcated by cones with a promotional campaign message displayed on it in the center which immediately catches the attention of the passengers in any type of vehicle.

This kind of promotional product or campaign display will be illegal in certain countries. Verification with your local highway safety board will be required in order to make sure the regulations of your specific country will allow this kind of promotional display on a traffic cone.

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The WC Easy can be used for Promos in much the same way – providing useful function / utility and offering more advertising space at same time..