Caltex is currently thinking out of the box, introducing a fun element to its marketing mix to differentiate itself from competitors like Esso and Shell.   Understanding that its main market revolves around families on the drive, Caltex launched its new marketing campaign featuring Limited Edition collectibles.

This toy collection series not only caters to young kids and with its modern design, also act as a very nice display for vehicles and homes alike!

Promo Mechanism:


  • Strong Brand Association
  • Reward Loyal Customers with collectibles, making them feel exclusive
  • Brand Distinctiveness; standing out from competitors and giving people reasons to purchase petrol at Caltex, thus driving sales
  • Die Cast with strong perceived value.

Over the years, limited editions have been diluted, many brands selling themselves through this strategy.  A limited edition must embody deep authenticity, true credibility and instinctive brand synergy.  Caltex embraces this concept like no other, celebrating its 75th anniversary through the medium of relevant replicas of its proud heritage.   Not mentioned explicitly in its promotion – subtle ’75’ logo at the bottom – started on 30 June 1936.

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Caltex On Site Promotional Banners in Wanchai near ODM Offices.

Caltex On Site Promo Displays