Who said the best promotional products have to be the biggest or the most expensive? We’ve all used cost effective promotional item such as the silicon wristband at some stage.  A simple accessory such as this promotional thumb ring can work wonders in promoting your brand name too!

New Promotional Idea - Thumb Ring

Much like the silicon bracelet, this promotional item can be embossed or debossed with a logo to increase brand awareness. It can be produced in different bright colours which captures the attention of customers. Due to its trendy outlook, it works as the perfect promotional gift especially for the younger generation.

Promotional Tool - QR Code Thumb Ring

This inexpensive product can be an incentive gift of an in-pack promotion to drive sales for a brand. Alternatively, it can be given away as a promotional gift during promotional events to enhance brand recall. A QR code can be printed on the ring to provide information to customers about a certain brand. With the rising popularity of the QR code, companies and brands can easily promote their brand name in an instant. A perfect promotional tool for an effective promotional campaign!

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Check out these cool promotional merchandises in the marketing for inspiration: