Are you looking for ways to increase sales volume but on the other hand trying to keep your budget low? Advertising in Newspapers, TV Ads and Radio Ads is one option, but often too expensive to sustain over the long-run. If you are a small and medium enterprise, you might face problems like a tight  budget and this makes it difficult for you to outrun your competitors.

But fret not; here is a cheaper alternative to consider – a ring cup as a very cost effective marketing gift. Through the creative use of marketing gifts, you can achieve the same results as any other advertising tool without going over budget. This marketing gift could be given away free to your customers or your future prospects. Not only does it hold a high utility value, this ring cup offers endless advertising opportunities for your company! Check out the picture below for a glimpse of this ring cup marketing gift.

Ring Cup - Marketing Gift

Ring Cup – Marketing Gift

The true power of marketing gift!

Unlike print or electronic media advertising, marketing gifts offer a longer lasting effect where customers are able to use it for a very long time. When you offer a marketing gift your customers would most probably use it on a regular basis. This is especially true when they posses a high utility value. For instance, this ring cup is definitely a very commonly used item. We need to drink at least 2 litres of water everyday. So when your company offers a cup, you are encouraging customers to drink water! As a result, they would most probably used it on a regular basis. And not only so, it definitely has a long product life. Your customers can use it over and over again!

Furthermore, if your target audience is mainly females, well this would be a great marketing gift for your company! As women can’t resist the temptation of rings, this ring cup would definitely encourage them to purchases your company  products!

Besides that, the true value of these magnificent marketing gifts is its ability to carry a message to a large targeted audience and increases your brand exposure at no extra cost. Imprinted with your company logo and brand name, marketing gifts continue advertising and reminding people of your business long after they have been received. For instance, this ring cup is an effective way to enhance brand recall. You could use your imprinted logo as a constant reminder that will immediately link your customers back to your company. Isn’t it a fantastic way to keep your orders coming in and boost your company sales?

Hence, look no further and get started with this marketing gift today!