Beer is one of the most highly celebrated alcohol and is definitely one of the most popular choices of drinks. As such having beer day giveaways on Beer Day, 2nd August, and Beer Lover’s Day on 7 September will definitely help you build on your customer relationship. Here are some drinks marketing products you should consider!


Beer Day Giveaways

Beer Magnets / Openers


Bottle caps are a pain to open, and thus what better product to give your customers for beer day giveaways than these beer magnets/openers. These branded bottle openers not only help your customers when opening their beers but means your brand will always be in the eyes of your consumer before a good time. As these promotional bottle openers are also magnetic, these are perfect for your fridge doors! As such, customers will always be exposed to your branding every time they grab a bite. Having seen your branding before a ‘good time’ every time will not only build a customer-brand relationship, but customers will also view your brand’s image positively. These custom bottle openers are all highly customisable and can suit any size and design.

ODM also manufactures a slew of drinking-related promo products, need some examples of drinking games? Click here!

Custom Beer Mug


Just as how you can use custom glass cups for wine, you can also use promotional branded mugs for beer! Although it might not seem like much there are many pros to giving away your own customised mugs! As customers will definitely use the mug, your brand’s awareness and exposure will definitely be increased every time they decide to chug a beer. These custom mugs are also highly customisable to suit any design you please, be it your brand colours, or even custom shapes! Here are 3 other tips for designing the perfect custom drinking cup!

Custom Beer Holder


How many cups can you hold in one hand max? 2 or 3? Well, with this promotional beer holder you will be able to hole up to 6 or more cups! As such this product is not only cool but useful. There are many customisable options to this beer holder, you can Pantone match the colour of the holder to suit your brand colours, you can engrave your logo into the holder, and can even decide on what material the holder is. Different materials can give off differing messages and e.g. Wood gives off the feeling of warmth, thus you can handpick and customise all parts of this product to suit your message. This highly customisable product really shines when your customers are hosting a big group party or when you have to quickly give out drinks at your bar/restaurant. Need more reasons to consider using this custom drink holder? Click here for three more reasons why this holder is the perfect gift for the beer day giveaways

How Can ODM Help?

Looking for Marketing Gifts or Gift with Purchase products to boost sales? Fortunately, the ODM team can help you come up with inventive and unique product and brand packaging design. We have product designers who have vast experience in designing marketing promo items for your business. Not sure what you’re looking for? We also provide product brainstorming sessions and quality control services. Contact our team today to learn more about how we can help you grow your business through the use of effective custom promotional giveaways!

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