With people getting more dependent on technology, the usage of thumb drives has increased tremendously among the teenagers and working adults. This is so because thumb drives not only bring convenience to users for transferring large data, they also have become a fashion accessory for those carrying them.

We already saw a big increase in sales for “Back to School“.  Now that With Christmas is approaching we see more interest in ornamental USB thumb drives.  Some interesting ideas that your company may improvise on…

Other than just transferring files, thumb drives can also be used as an accessory or jewelery that customers may appreciate more.


Mouthwatering thumb drives that may have your customers craving for your menus be it on their working desk, in school or at home.

If you are looking at corporate customers, you may want to take these two ideas into consideration. Pair thumb drive (on the left) suitable for those who love multitasking and key thumb drive (on the right) which images a professional yet creative way of transferring files and data.

Lastly, with Thanksgiving and Christmas giving just around the corner, why not use these items as on-pack or promotional gifts. They may also be made into collectible items to increase your sales and promote your company.


USB drives are useful and also a great way for organizations of all markets to promote and advertise.    Basically, anything can be used as a promotional product. Contact us and tell us your ideas or let our design team help you to make it come true for you.

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