ODM is celebrating our company anniversary today and preparing to enter our 8th year in business.

In Hong Kong this number is strongly linked to good fortune and especially wealth. (Obviously we are maintaining our HQ here & crossing fingers & toes.)

In our core Promotional Products business the symbolism of numbers, the colour of products and logos, the perception of gifts along with importance of packaging products & service to suit different cultures is critical.   We will continue to work for our customers with this in mind.

In other cultures the number 8 also has rich symbolism and we have entered a few of these in our list below.  Some more symbolism….

  • Number of the perfection, the infinity. In mathematics the symbol of the infinity is represented by a 8 laid down.
  • In China, the 8 expresses the totality of the universe.
  • Number of the balance and of the cosmic order, according to the Egyptians.
  • Number expressing the matter, it is also the symbol of the incarnation in the matter which becomes itself creative and autonomous, governing its own laws.
  • According to Clement of Alexandria, the Christ places under the sign of 8 the one he made to be born again.
  • Represents the totality and the coherence of the creation in evolution. In China, it expresses the totality of the universe.
  • The Pythagoreans have made the number 8 the symbol of the love and the friendship, the prudence and the thinking and they have called it the Great “Tetrachtys”.
  • In Babylon, in Egypt and in Arabia, it was the number of the duplication devoted to the sun, from where the solar disc is decorated of a cross with eight arms.
  • The number 8 means multiplicity, for the Japanese.