When shipping smaller items via mail, shipping companies pack them in small sturdy plastic packaging. These are poly mailers. As they are made from plastic, they can be a threat to the environment. This is where biodegradable holographic custom poly mailers with logo come in.


Custom Poly Mailers with Logo

Custom Poly Mailers with Logo

As the name suggests, these poly mailers are made from cornstarch and are holographic in appearance. One can say that they combine aesthetics and practicality. For those not in the know, cornstarch packaging is gaining traction nowadays, as it is deemed as one of the viable alternatives to plastic. Check this previous blog out to learn more about it:


Indeed, an interesting product packaging design is what catches the attention of a shopper at first glance. It is one of the main driving points of your brand marketing. And in today’s market, holography never fails to prove itself an extraordinarily versatile and flexible technology. Holographic packaging has been a major trend over the years and continues to exhibit its usefulness in safeguarding people against fraud products. Wondering how it is possible?


Custom Poly Mailers with Logo: Holographic Packaging Bags

Holographic packaging is definitely one of the smartest packaging solutions ever achieved. The production of this kind of custom product packaging has brought a real buzz to the market. It has clearly taken the creative appeal of product packaging to the next level. But what makes our holographic custom poly mailers different from the others? Here’s a breakdown:


Custom Poly Mailers with Logo

Custom Poly Mailers with Logo


Our holographic packaging bags are totally compostable! These custom poly mailers are made from a combination of PBAT, a bio-based polymer that is biodegradable, and PLA, which is made up of plant materials such as regular field corn and wheat straw.

For this particular promotional mailer bag, the raw material used is cornstarch. Unlike polystyrene packaging, which is not biodegradable, starch-based packaging is notably sustainable. If disposed of properly, packaging material made from cornstarch will break down accordingly into carbon dioxide and water in a few months.


What Makes It A Great Packaging Concept for My Business?

1. Holographic packaging is timeless.

With advanced and innovative holographic technology, this product packaging idea is clearly timeless. This packaging trend is all about the enthralling effect of shiny, multi-colored metallics. Using this holographic custom poly mailer will help your brand keep up with the dynamic nature of the market.

These days, more customization options are available for holographic packaging bags. You can easily adapt to the current as this packaging concept will always appeal to consumers.

Better yet, get your brand identity incorporated into the holographic poly bag for increased security.


2. It expands your brand presence.

High-powered brand presence comes from high design standards that are applied consistently to your brand’s marketing strategy. It is essential to select a product packaging that can uphold your brand’s name in the market. A distinct packaging features the value of the product, as well as the brand’s identity itself. Choosing this creative packaging design will certainly make an enormous impression and make your target audience raving!


Custom Poly Mailers with Logo

Custom Poly Mailers with Logo


3. This packaging cultivates brand excellence.

Selecting your custom branded product packaging can definitely tell your consumers a lot about your brand. Clearly, consumers will only love to do business with brands that exhibit excellence and quality in every aspect of their promotion. Prove to them that you offer great service by grabbing their attention and providing them your excellent promotional products. Of course, with the help of these custom poly mailers with logo!


4. It promotes sustainable marketing.

Aiming to achieve sustainable branding? This packaging concept is definitely the best choice for your business! Let your customers know that your brand exactly knows their demand. With the shifting trends in the market, sustainability has notably become the top priority of consumers these days. Offer them a sustainable packaging concept that will not only catch their attention but their emotions as well. Include these biodegradable custom poly mailers in your brand promotions, and start sustainable marketing today!


Steal the Show With Custom Poly Mailers with Logo

The pandemic we’re experiencing has certainly made us miss our normal lives. Most of us need a way to cope with the anxiety and stress that might eventually take a toll. Help your consumers, clients, and employees to feel reassured during these challenging times. Steal the show and demonstrate positivity with this idea!

Use these sustainable custom poly mailers in sending them small gift items. Extend your sympathy and let your consumers feel valued with letterbox gifts. Here are some products that you can send through a letterbox:


Recognize the hard work of your clients and employees and make them feel appreciated. The new working setup we have right now is definitely demanding. Help them to adjust and be motivated by giving them a small token of gratitude. Surprise them during a virtual event! Here are some virtual event giveaway ideas you can check out:


Including these holographic custom poly mailers with logo in your brand marketing will absolutely set a distinction from your competitors. With its promising advertising features and sustainable pledges, it will be the greatest packaging solution you can have.

Our holographic packaging bag can perform much better than a conventional plastic bag. Compared to the latter, it is tear-resistant and waterproof. This makes them more robust, especially in repeat uses! Interested in producing these custom poly mailers with logo for your next brand promotion? Don’t forget to quote producer code ODM-3610 in sending us your email of inquiry!

The ODM  team has been helping business owners, retailers, and manufacturers develop unique eco-friendly packaging ideas and marketing gifts for years now. From eco-friendly corporate gifts, to eco-friendly packaging concepts, and biodegradable products, we can help you out!

We have previous experience creating hologram stickers for promotional products as well as integrating brand identity into QR codes.

Do you want to be part of the change? Join us today. Contact ODM now!


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