Atlas of the World Magazine is offering a travel first aid kit as a gift with purchase. This cover mount was spotted in a Tesco store.

Cover mount gift with purchase - First aid travel pack

Cover mount gift with purchase – First aid travel pack

As shown in the picture above, the Astroplast first aid kit is mounted onto the magazine. This travel first aid kit would certainly come in handy while travelling. Cover mounts are a good marketing strategy. Free gifts or items are usually mounted onto magazines and books with adhesive tape or glue.

So what is good about a Cover Mount Gift with Purchase?

Cover mount benefits both the magazine and the company who is offering the free gift with purchase. Free giveaways often entice customers to make purchases. And thus, this increases the additional number of magazines sold and promotes the company who is providing the free gifts. For example, when the sales of “Atlas of the World” increases, more people will be expose to Astroplast. Hence, a cover mount often benefits both parties.

How to make an effective cover mount gift with purchase?

The very first thing to note is the relevance of the free gift and the magazine. It is especially important to consider the type of gifts to be mounted onto the magazine. Whether is it relevant to the context of the magazine? And whether there is any connection that enables customers to relate immediately. For instance, Atlas of the World magazine talks about travelling which coincides perfectly with the travel first aid kit.

Know your target audience, if your target audience are majority ladies. Offering attractive bags for fashion magazines would be fairly suitable. Beware of choosing the wrong magazine to cover mount your products. And do ensure that the publication must complement your business’s corporate image.

Furthermore, always make your cover mount as eye-catching as possible. This is essential to capture customers’ attention. Your cover mount should be visually appealing to attract customers’ attention when they scan through the shelves.