Crest and Disney have partnered together for an on pack promo. A pack of 2 tubes of 140g toothpaste comes along with a complimentary limited edition Disney mug. There are 4 designs of mugs available. This on pack promo was found at Wal-Mart supermarket in Zhuhai, China.

Crest is an innovator in dental health care introduced in the United States in 1955. The brand is owned by Procter & Gamble. Crest toothpaste is now sold worldwide. Apart from toothpaste, their products include other oral hygiene products.

Crest and Disney: On Pack Promo

Crest and Disney: On Pack Promo

What’s unique about this on pack promo

Mugs are a common promotional gift. However, Crest has turned this common promotional gift into an unique on pack promo.

Firstly, the mugs are a collection. There are 4 designs of mugs available and Crest has labeled them as a collection. They also encourage consumers to complete the collection. Having a collection of gifts greatly helps to increase sales. Consumers would buy more tubes of toothpaste so that they can complete the mug collection.

Secondly, the mugs are limited edition. A limited edition promotional gift draws more attention than one that is not. This is because using the words ‘limited edition’ would increase the value of the gift in consumers’ minds. They would think that it is a very good offer to take up and so buy the on pack promo.

One major benefit on an on pack promo

An on pack promo draws attention to the brand. Among a shelf filled with many items of the same product but different brands, an on pack promo would definitely stand out. Consumers would be drawn to your product and pick up the on pack promo to take a look first. This attention drawn not only helps to increase sales, but also acts as a form of advertising. This also gives the brand a competitive advantage over its competitors.

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