Want customers to remember your beautiful country, great services and amazing experience there? Check out how Thai government has accomplished that with their new promotional merchandise: the custom travel key chains.

Need unforgettable souvenirs for tourists? Need unique gifts for friends and family? The custom travel key chains, with design of Thailand train station signs, can do all that.

Promoting Thai tourism with memorable custom travel key chains

Promoting Thai tourism with memorable custom travel key chains

Why custom travel key chains are attractive to customers?

  • Affordable – the custom key rings are known to be a low budget promotional item. In this case study, at only 109 baht (approx. US$3), tourists tend to have no hesitation over buying the key chains to keep a part of Thailand with them after the trip.
  • Convenient– since they are small and inexpensive, every Tourist Information Center can have them on sale. Because Tourist Center is a must-go for all travelers, the key chains are at convenient locations to purchase.
  • Unique design – with Thai locations in both Thai and English, these key chains stand out from typical souvenirs. Good product designers can make your promotional items more attractive.
Promoting Thai tourism with memorable custom travel key chains

Promoting Thai tourism with memorable custom travel key chains

Benefits of making custom travel key chains like Thai government?

  • Practicality – buyers can use the custom travel key chains in their daily lives.
  • Design Appeal– Thai government shapes them as a train station sign. So the key chain is not some typical souvenir that people can purchase anywhere. This is something they can only buy at Thailand.
  • Promotional products – because the key chains can immediately remind their owners of Thailand and any fond memory of the places. With this emotional connection, people are more likely to grab the souvenirs and come back home with Thailand in mind.

Key chains are very common souvenir that everyone buys for themselves, friends and family after vacations. Why not make it more special and memorable by custom travel key chains?

If you are interested, feel free to contact us anytime. ODM has the right people to provide you a high quality designing, sourcing, and manufacturing of promotional gift and other marketing tools.

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