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Custom 3D Snow Globes

Custom 3D Snow Globes

Why : Seasonal promotional products like snow globes are highly valued by marketing managers. We love making snow globes, because they are very interactive and also easily customizable. A great promotional product has to be able to engage the user and also be able to personalize your brand into it.

What : The ODM Group manufactured these Custom 3D Snow Globes for a Christmas Campaign. For this project, we used the traditional glass ball. To personalize this, we integrated several different figurines that are associated with the brand and theme – a truck,a house, a christmas tree and a snow man. 

Product Specifications : The glass ball has a diameter of approximately 10 cm and the snow globe has a low red base. Inside the glass ball, mini snow flakes can be seen floating in Propanediol Glycol, a liquid that is commonly used in Snow Globes.

Branding Method :  To personalize the snow globes, we tried as much as we could to incorporate their famous red corporate colors. This also means printing their brand logo on the base of the globe. The mini figurines inside the glass ball were moulded using clay, and painted. 

Mechanisms :  Christmas promotional gifts, Branded promotional products, Corporate promotions, promotional gift, Personalized promotional gifts

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