Project Description

Customizable bags

Customizable Bags

Why :  Customizable Bags are really engaging for customers, because of the interactive nature of the product. With outlines and designs that are on the bag, customers feel prompted to color within the lines. These bags come with its own coloring crayon set which allows customers to color the bag however they please.

What : The ODM Group helped manufacture these Reflective Bags with cute floral cartoon theme design. They came along with the custom designed crayon set that aligns with the bag design. These reflective bags can also glow in the dark with minimal light reflecting from the bag. This is a perfect promotional gift for brands who want to encourage shoppers to bring their own bags and also to engage kids to get involved in making their own bags.

Product Specifications : 

Each set came with –

x1 reflective bag

x1 crayon set

Mechanisms :  Giveaway promotional items, Marketing, Personalized promotional gifts, promotional gift

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