Project Description

Custom Ipod Covers

Why :  Phone and Music Player accessories have been a successful way companies have been using to promote their brands. They are very versatile in the sense where every company in each industry can leverage on – due to the highly utilized nature of electronics. Therefore, in the case of using phone accessories for marketing, the key idea is to have an aesthetic appearance and also a functional feature to the accessory. This is because phone accessories are already popularly used by brands, therefore it is important to give an added value to the product in order to convince customers to use them.

What : The ODM Group helped manufacture these stylish, matte black IPod Touch 5/6 casing. We helped manufacture 2 variations of the product, with 4400 pieces mass manufactured in total.

Product Specifications : The IPod Touch 5/6 casings are scratch free and shock free as well. Therefore gives an added value to a rather simple product. This helps associate the product’s quality to the brand name.

Branding Method : The Brand Name and Trademark were infilled in white and were accompanied with waterproof stickers that can stick on the center of the cover.

Mechanisms :  MarketingPromotional Gifts, Gifts with purchase, Personalised Promotional gifts

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