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Custom Snow Globe Design

Custom Snow Globe Design

Custom Snow Globe Design

Why : A great promotional product has to be able to engage the user and personalise your brand in it as well. Snow globes are an excellent choice for promotional gifts, not only during festive seasons but all year round. They are very interactive and easy to customise.

What : This snow globe was made with a unique design specifically for the brand it represents and also as a promotional gift for the christmas season. It was made using the traditional glass ball but to personalise it, replicas of the whiskey bottles were placed inside the ball.

Product Specifications : Large 15-cm size snow globe for new Christmas season. Custom polyresin design inside replicating whiskey bottles with printed labels. Pantone matched base with 3 colour logo.

Mechanisms :  Christmas promotional gifts, Branded promotional products, Corporate promotions, promotional gift, Personalized promotional gifts

Branding Method : To personalize this design, the brand colours were used in designing this and the logo was fully displayed in bold colour at the base of the snow globe. In addition to this, replicas of the brand’s exact whiskey bottles were placed inside the globe, 3 of them splayed in unique fashion.

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