Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) recently held Asia’s Largest Spring Electronics Fair in Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. As usual, promotional gifts were given out to the participating buyers. For this Electronic Fair (Spring Edition), HKTDC gave out sticky screen cleaners.

The Sticky Screen Cleaner - Promotional Gift by HKTDC

Using this sticky screen cleaner is easy. Simply stick it at the back of your mobile phone and use it to clean your handphone screen, anytime, anywhere! This promotional item is a convenient and user friendly product to all phone users.

ODM loves the shape of the promotional gift as it allows space for branding. Logo or messages could be printed on it to enhance brand recall. Besides, this sticky screen cleaner is relatively effective in cleaning other electronic products such as laptop and camera as well!

On top of branding, it is also important to select a suitable promotional item for your target market. In this instance, don’t you think HKTDC made a smart move to offer this promotional product?  The sticky screen cleaner certainly complements the theme of this trade show. Don’t doubt the power of complementary gifts as it helps to attract more attention from your potential market and maximize your marketing efforts.

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