Promotional gift – A good friend next to your laptop

A lot of office people like coffee so we have a very nice and useful promotional product might help you to get some attention in big companies – Mini coffee cup humidifier.

This product would be very nice to use in dry weather (or overly air-conditioned offices) for people who work in front of a computer. All you need to do is just pour some water into the cup then plug the usb cable into your laptop and it will start working.

The steam coming from the cup can humidify the air &  it also can function as sterilizing unit, removing static electricity and reduce radiation.

It’s an eco-friendly product, a pleasure product to have in the office or at home, the most important point of the product is it can help you to be healthy.

As a promotional product idea, you can have your own company logo printed on it  even change the shape of the humidifier make it suits your main product more.

Promotional idea- Mini coffee cup humidifier