Back in April 2010 we wrote about various types of Bracelets & Wristbands currently on the market. Stylish, trendy and colorful, they are perfect, inexpensive way to promote your business on any event.  They are easily customizable with print and mould.   We forgot to mention Flashing Silicone Bracelets that you can customise for parties & events.

Innovative blinking wristbands have the attributes of the regular silicone bracelets except they now flash with (in this model) 3 different LED colours when you press a button on the main body.

Perfect for events taking place at night time or in dark location like nightclubs, the blinking wristband will allow you to see or to be seen by your friends whenever you go.

How about using them for Promos tied to the following Themes..

  • Night time Road Race Gift
  • Night Club Promos for drinks companies
  • For Charity Collectors at night
  • Promote child safety for winter school runs
  • Halloween as per item in picture
  • Other suggestions pls. leave comments….

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