Hershey’s came up with a very attractive offer to win over young girls in China -purchase a box of Hershey’s chocolate and receive Princess doll as GWP..

The beauty and charm of this impulse purchase product with promotional gift is bound to win them market share. More importantly it will conquer the hearts of young girls and reinforce the brand long after the chocolates are eaten.

Although chocolate and dolls have very little in common, they can be bundled into packages in order to target a specific audience more effectively.  As icons, dolls will always be enjoyed irrespectively of the age group targeted. This allows companies, such as Hershey’s, to benefit from strong product recognition to sell more of its own goods.

ODM also customize all kinds of plush toys & figurines for confectionery – let us help you on your next promotional brainstorming. Do not hesitate to contact us for additional information.

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Notice the trend in China for gifts RED PACKAGING = Chinese New Year.