promotion cool 1m inflatable balloon plane The Boeing 747 series of Jumbo planes are such an iconic structure.  Instantly most people think about long haul travel to exotic holiday locations.

About 1m long, this inflatable allows companies to brand their promotional campaign on the inflatable replica (custom print for about 3000 pcs – for lower qtys. we will try to help). Such a promotional item will definitely be able to catch and hold the attention of families and travellers.

So why wait till next year before your brand or company can have your own inflatable plane.  Below is the ODM Groups take on how Hong Kong’s next low cost airline might look.

promotional product gift idea odm inflatable aeroplane plane boeing 747

Are your travel promos still getting stuck on land?   Would you like to target high flyers, promote travel, be associated with vacation time – then ODM suggests our inflatable jumbo plane, an inflatable plane replica of the 747.  Other models also available.

Let your next promotion take off!   Alternative items along same theme – see our airships and PU stress toy offer.

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