Adding to our previous postings on Pen Manufacture in China, here are some more interesting promotional pens…

Ladies, this gimmick might just be just for you.  These lipsticks are actually pens in disguise. Trick your friends into thinking these are one of your many cosmetic products. Great as on-pack or cover mount promos for girls magazines.


Replicas of dumb-bells, this pens are ideal for gyms and sports promotions. Some suggestions may be on pack gift with membership or street giveaways for promotions. See more promotional mechanism.

These realistically bottle shaped pens are very attractive as a promotional gifts.  Great addition to the Beer Promos range. Design your own beverage bottles onto the pens to give away as an on-pack-gifts or gift-with-purchase.  These pens can be keychains too.



Calm your nerves with these syringe pens. Instead of putting ordinary pens onto the counter, place these “syringes” in the clinic to catch onlookers’ attention – Perfect for clinic promotions. Colour of the “liquid” are customizable.

Don’t be fooled by these toothpaste tubes -open the cap and you will find yourself a ball point pen. Wide printing area for your logos and easily customisable for the cosmetics and beauty or pharmaceutical industry..

Replicas of monuments and statues – museums and tourist shops may find these pens interesting. Figurines can be changed to suit seasonal promos. (Halloween, Christmas, National Day) Or you can do an OEM by replacing them with your own mascot.