An original design manufacturer (ODM) is a company which designs and manufactures a product which is specified and eventually branded by another firm.  Such companies allow the brand to produce without having to engage in the organization or running of a factory.

ODMs have grown in size over recent years and many are now sufficient in size to handle production for multiple clients, often providing a large portion of overall production.  A primary attribute of this business model is that the ODM owns and/or designs in-house the products.   This constant product development leads to strong innovation.

This model is especially used in international trade where local ownership laws possibly prohibit direct ownership of assets by foreigners but this is not the main reason for this business model. The ODM group utilizes this business model to offer our clients a great range of products from China. Using only 1 factory limits the use of different materials, technologies etc.. Also, ODM’s need to adapt to hit different pricing and quantities with varied suppliers when supplying to segmented markets/countries globally.

The core divisions of our ODM Group Companies and brands are in 4 different locations giving us a great view over the market and loads of options for manufacture.

  • Hong Kong Headquarters where we take care of Admin, visiting trade shows and working on ideation.   Lots of concepts for the ODM Asia Blog on promotional product trends.
    Zhuhai, S. China This is where the core team is based.    We have all the staff required to bring original design manufactured product to market.   Whilst the team is great at specializing in promotional products, they are not limited there.   We do a vast amount of consumer goods for retail and crowdfunding.   The engineering team can also develop complex POS displays. Our Goal is to customize and develop new products to meet client’s promotional needs.
  • Roaming in China. A team of QC agents are constantly on the move with staff located in South and also travelling from Shanghai.  This team takes charge of quality control inspection as well as assisting the group buying office.
  • HCMC, Vietnam  Mindsparkz was founded by ODM to offer design services to its clients, offering a wide range of design services; such as graphic design, product design, web design, product branding, web design, as well as retainer services.  We have an international team based in Vietnam who also work with our designers in China.

Marketing Approach

With offices in Zhuhai, Hong Kong and now Vietnam, we have written more than 8000+ articles on promotional products seen in Anniversary Promos, Movie Marketing, Trade Show Marketing etc. We study the various marketing campaigns by top-notch companies that never cease to amaze us with the creativity and thought put into it.  If you are stuck for an idea, just click onto our blogs for inspiration.   Here you can see some great examples of Gifts with Purchase for example.

At ODM, you can trust us to turn your dreams into reality with our highly skilled design team, Mindsparkz, offering design services. Our team of product designers and merchandisers can help you with product brainstorming session that will leave you satisfied. We also have massive experience in manufacturing marketing giftscustom POP displays, and high-quality promotional product. Feel free to drop us an inquiry today!


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