The China disision of Watsons (a member of AS Watson group with 8,400 retail stores world wide) is giving away a free pair of earrings and bracelet for every purchase of Lingcai Cosmetics  branded facemasks – retail price 58RMB (US$ 8.74).

Colors available for both earrings and bracelets blue,red or brown.   By increasing the variety and styles of accessories to choose from, it will suit the tastes of a wider range of the customers in the market.

There is no branding on these so the accessories can be regifted to others.   This is common on promotional campaigns targeting China market.  Branded Facemasks and hand sanitizers are excellent for being seen in public.   Making these unbranded means they can be rolled out faster with no need to customise also.

None of the gifts match the packaging colour of the cosmetic brand so the colours tend to clash in display.

ODM’s alternatives for similar offer:  Accessories, Toiletries, Fragrance.  These items are good generally, but if you are running a winter promotion this is spot on.

With recent outbreaks of Coronavirus in Wuhan, Swine Flu, SARS, and other pandemics, branded Facemasks and hand sanitizers are something with ultimate perceived value.