Liquor Stores are some of the best places to find innovative Promotional Products.  In order to Promote North & South American wines Watsons Wine in Hong Kong is proposing a Tiered promotion:

  • A free Vinturi Aerator Travel set when purchasing at least $2,800 $HKD of American wine.
  • A free bottle of wine when purchasing at least $888 HKD of American wine.

Some extremely nice, unbranded gifts with purchase, thus further increasing the perceived value of buying American wines in this shop.  Both perfect for re-gifting.

Not only does this proposition offer an incentive for customer to buy more of the store’s products but it also allows the store to direct its promotions on a specific range of items. This type of promotion, for a certain countries wines or food are often co-sponsored by the countries Promotion Boards / Trade Departments.

This type of promo can also be useful if you are looking to move/liquidate old stocks which are not moving fast enough.  This needs to be done with care not to cheapen the image of these products.

A great promotional offer overall, both in the type of products offered and in the way it is implemented.