Manbags, handbags for men, have been popular in China for years – though the form of these bags is usually more like a toiletry bag.  Nevertheless, this is one trend from China that is set to take the world by storm in the coming years.   Read on….

Another iPad launch for Apple means plenty of new accessories associated with the product. Cases, dockssmart covers are some of the examples coming to mind. This also means plenty of other accessories  becoming obsolete  overtime. The new dimensions result in the need for recreating items fitting to the newly launched product.

Riding on this trend, ODM is now promoting some exciting new tablet computer bags. Some of our clients have considered custom-made corporate gifts for the ipad.   Now that the iPad 2 is launched and there are other competitors in the Tablet wars, giving a tablet case is no longer an easy task.

Result: There are just too many options and you cannot be sure that the Table case will have utility for everyone – same as giving away an XS t-shirt or size 5 shoes to all your customers. One size does not fit all and it just doesn’t work.

ipad 2 Launch on Wednesday March 2nd by Apple. Its latest product will feature a slimmer, lighter design, faster processor and cameras in the front and in the back.  While most commentary on the release were positive, the overall feel is that, Apple having taken so much advance on its competitors with the 1st iPad, the 2nd version of this blockbuster item did not need to do much to keep the lead in the tablet industry.

However, accessories suppliers will need to take big leap in order to provide items fitting exactly to the new characteristics of the ipad 2. This is where ODMs bags work.

Recap – It is increasingly becoming wasteful to offer specific iPad cases now that version with different sizes exist. You might end up offering products useless to part or most of the individuals your are targeting. As a result, an alternative solution to carry your favorite tablet irregardless of its size is to go for computer bags designed for tablet.

Slimmer, lighter and more handy, cases can be manufactured in a number of materials (PU, neoprene, leather, Nylon etc.) with your logo imprinted on and at various price based on the level of sophistication you want to attain. They will allow you to carry our tablet effortlessly in an item specifically designed for it. The end of the road for large & bulky computer bags.

If you want to design and customize your own Tablet bag, contact ODM asia.   Our Bag Factory in China will gladly work with you on an item fulfilling your every need.