A Foam Hand is one promotional product that never goes out of date, especially when the World Cup is cFoamhandoming up next year.  Great for any sporting events as well, this sports paraphernalia item is worn on the hand to show support for a particular team – especially popular in the US.

Made of open-celled foam, a silk-screened team name, logo, or other graphic or slogan can be printed on the surface and the slits in their bases allow them to be worn.

Available in a size approximately 16″ x 8″ x 1″, this product is also available in an assortment of colours and hand signs with a retail price that varies from USD$1.70-USD$7.

Choose from ODM’s range of stadium promotional products- Foam Hand, Take A Seat, Clap Banner, Scroll Banner, Toy Glove etc. and let your favourite team know you are rooting for them.   Its all about making noise and being seen.