ODM have an amazing promotional offer on this summer. We propose to our customers to get paid to advertise their Business.

Cleverly using branded (to your company) umbrellas, your company logo can be recognised around the city. When the rain is pouring there is almost a guarantee that people will be using an umbrella. The weather can be unpredictable at times and people will be looking for a cheap umbrella to quickly get their hands on.

Umbrellas are a very good way to advertise your business, and even if the umbrella stands are not mobile, they are certainly as efficient as the umbrellas, themselves. Thanks to the design and the advertising message that is put on it, this kind of promotional product will promote your business, on rainy days especially.

ODM can provide you many kinds of umbrella stand at a very competitive price:

  • Cardboard: 100% customisable and very light material. Will allow you to advertise easily; but as it is a slightly more delicate material, care must to taken to ensure it is preserved and well kept. Also can be collapsable.

Paper Umbrella stand

  • Plastic stands are quite cheap but very customisable and can be very interesting shapes and sizes. Slightly more sturdy than the cardboard stand.

Plastic Umbrella stand

  • Wood: Again, another sturdy material. Will last a long time but isn’t as flexible.

Wooden Umbrella stand

  • Leather: Light, waterproof and easy to store.

  • Wood & Leather: These stands below are made of a Wooden structure and cover by printed leather or canvas. More resistant than plastic stands, the leather can also be printed on, so do as you wish with the stand design.

Wooden wrapped by printed leather

Wooden wrapped by printed canvas

  • Metal: The strongest and sturdiest of the lot. However, less flexible and hard to get back to original shape if damaged.

Iron Umbrella Stand

  • Thanks to these original umbrella holders, it is possible to use the water that drips off your umbrella, to water your plants. This kind of product will allow you to advertise more efficiently because the original way you can use it will attract the customers’ attention.

Water your plants

  • Your famous characters and mascots can also be incorporated into the umbrella stand. Having well known character{s} on your umbrella stand is sure to catch the attention of passersby.

Cartoon as Umbrella holder

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