We are very proud to introduce a new line of high end promotional umbrellas. The Executive line. In the coming weeks we will be unveiling our new range of high quality umbrellas, aimed at impressing your corporate clients with superior features and quality to the standard promotional umbrella.

The Auto Executive comes with a number of exceptional features including decal printing, automatic opening and a printable carry case. This all contributes to the high perceived value of the  promotional gift.

Auto Executive Promotional Umbrella

Auto Executive Promotional Umbrella

This umbrella can be completely customised to fit your needs with a range of different colours (multi colour panels or solid single colour hood).

Branding on the hood can range from a single position 1C logo print, to a full colour multi position logo on each panel, allowing you to create a completely unique umbrella designed to attract new and celebrate long term customers.

With the Auto Executive, we have increased the branding area in order to maximise the scope for your branding – decal stickers on the handle are included in all pricing! This type of sticker adds to the Executive look using a high quality decal sticker presenting your logo even when the hood is closed.

With the Auto Executive‘s automatic opening, never again does anyone need to struggle close an umbrella in the rain. A simple push of a button and the umbrella is closed in one second! Why don’t you play this video to have a look at how it works?

Auto Executive Promotional Umbrellas in action.

The outer casing of the umbrella provides a final advertising space perfect to fit your corporate name and logo.

With the Auto Executive marketing space is maximised to three positions, making it superior to the standard 1 position print umbrella, while the enhanced features give a high perceived value.

Get in contact with The ODM Group for a quote on The Auto Executive, and utilise the early bird special discount today!

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