Not every umbrella looks the same. Take a look at the following picture to get some fun inspiration on how you could customise your next umbrella to be more eye catching.  What do you think of this promotional umbrella?

Special Idea For Umbrellas

This umbrella is not as boring as the usual ones. The bow turns this umbrella into an eye catcher!

Umbrellas are mostly categorized as standard promotional products. But with just a few changes and a unique design, it will turn into a special item. It will serve well for example, for a gift with purchase promotion, because a lot of people have to use umbrellas in their daily life and in fact, it would be a good incentive.

Umbrellas are the items which are used the most to protect against rain. Especially in countries or areas with a high rain possibility, it can be used as a promotional product. It is worth thinking about using such kind of product when you are planning a marketing campaign!

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A few words in German:

Nicht alle Regenschirme sind gleich. Verändert man ein paar Kleinigkeiten, kann er schon zum Blickfang werden. Außerdem sind sie oft einsetzbar, da ihr Gebrauch vom Wetter abhängig ist. Wenn es regnet und man nach draußen muss, so ist dies der Gegenstand, der am besten vor Regen schützt. Nahezu jeder Mensch, jedenfalls in Deutschland, ist im Besitz eines Regenschirms und setzt ihn bei Bedarf auch ein.