Exciting designs combined with practicality are what made these customised lamps captivating. Our team found this range at trade shows and factories around China.  In an industry where some promotional products look almost the same, it can be hard to differentiate one brand from the other. Exceptional designs are key to capturing the interest of your customers.

Manufacturing Customised Lamps in China Why Work With ODM

Manufacturing Customised Lamps in China Why Work With ODM

In this blog, we will discuss why you should work with a reputable promotional products company in China when manufacturing your custom lamps.

What Set these Customised Lamps Apart from Other Marketing Products?

  • Impressive Designs: The attention to detail and the quality of workmanship are very impressive. Vintage and cozy, the style is similar to the promotional speaker with flame effect, which we featured here before. The only difference is that the below example has bluetooth speaker functionality.
  • High Utility Means Customer Engagement: We love the fact that it’s battery operated and portable, meaning, customers can carry them around the house. It is also perfect for outdoor use. Because it’s something customers will use often, printing your logo or brand name will give your brand unlimited exposure.
  • Product for Retail: Businesses should also consider using these lamps as retail products. They can use it as part of their customer loyalty program or a special limited offer from their brand.

Manufacturing Customised Lamps

If you are planning on using custom lamps for promotions, here are a few things you should take into consideration:

Manufacturing Customised Lamps in China Why Work With ODM

Manufacturing Customised Lamps in China Why Work With ODM

  • Designs: If you have any design in mind, you can ask our Mindsparkz team to transform your 2D sketches to 3D. Our product designers work closely with factories to ensure that samples are done according to plan. In case you want to work with our team for a short term project, you can use our design retainer program. Check out our page: http://www.mindsparkz.com/retainer-program/ for more information.
  • Production in China: If you’re manufacturing in China, it’s imperative to have someone who understands the ins and outs of production in China factories. They can help you work around MOQ in China and ensure quality by conducting factory visits. When you work with ODM, we will make sure that your electronic products are compliant with international safety standards. To know more about the factors that affect MOQ in China and how to work negotiate for a lower quantity, read this blog:
  • Shipping: Shipping promotional products is another important aspect to consider. Will the products be shipped before your project starts? Here’s an interesting blog to help you calculate container shipping time:

ODM is based in China and our team can help you from designing, to manufacturing, as well as shipping of customised lamps and other promotional products.

So, if you like this product, send us a request and reference code 2159. Feel free to get in touch with our helpful staff. To give you more customised lamp design ideas, check out the blogs below!

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