It has become certain that we can’t disregard the ecological changes that lie ahead. The interest in using sustainable promotional products is developing and growing rapidly as a result. Businesses are now progressively asking themselves how they can make their company sustainable for customers and the environment. Plastic drinking cups are one of the major contributors to plastic pollution. However, it is common to have a beverage at any time of the day. Hence, presently envision that heavenly hot or cold beverage not from an expendable or disposable cup, yet from a sustainable one printed with your company’s name. 

Read on how these bamboo promotional drinkware products or custom bamboo products combine sustainability with successful advertising, and how they make your sustainable marketing stick

promotional drinkware products

Bamboo Tumblers

Benefits of Promotional Drinkware Products


Stainless steel will always be the ideal material to produce long-lasting and reusable cups. However, bamboo promotional drinkware products are pretty much as durable as stainless steel cups. Bamboo cups are ideal whenever you need lightweight, non-toxic, and eco-friendly drinkware to use. Furthermore, they are reusable and last even longer when they are cleaned and utilized impeccably. One crucial step to having longer-lasting bamboo drinkware is to fully dry the cups after washing to prevent water residues on the inner base of the cups.


These bamboo promotional drinkware products are highly durable since they are fabricated from natural bamboo fiber. In addition, they are properly polished and cleaned to ensure a lower risk of breakage with no sharp edges. Moreover, bamboo is one of the strongest and most eco-friendly materials on the planet, thus its durability. Do not worry about your shattered drinkware when it is tossed or dropped!

promotional drinkware products


Not only is bamboo a natural source of material, but it is also one of the fastest-growing plants in the world. Above all, they are biodegradable. They are one of the fastest decomposing materials which take only 4-6 months to completely decompose, thereby avoiding pollution. On the other hand, materials such as plastics take more than 200 years to decompose. Hence, using these bamboo promotional drinkware products is most certainly an eco-friendly choice.

Non-Toxic & BPA Free:

The bamboo promotional drinkware products can be utilized to serve both hot and cold beverages. They are non-toxic, BPA, and Phthalate free cups which will not cause any chances of health risks. You do not have to worry about any health issues as Bamboo around the world is grown without any pesticides. Moreover, the natural and high-quality bamboo fibers from which the cups are made have antimicrobial and antibacterial properties.

promotional drinkware products

Unique Designs: 

There are plenty of bamboo promotional drinkware products for you to choose from! They are available in different colors, sizes, and designs. The bamboo material gives off a certain earthy tone to the products and they all look natural. Check out the different kinds of bamboo promotional drinkware products below:

All these flask and mugs are made of bamboo on the outside and 304 ss on the inside. The bamboo flasks have a heat preservation function, however, the mugs don’t.

The high borosilicate glass bottles are made of a glass bottle body and have bamboo lids! They come in two different variations and a sleeve.

Why are They Ideal Promotional Drinkware Products for Your Company?

Uphold Brand Reputation:

It upholds your brand reputation in that it can be a fantastic medium to convey your environmental statement. It also helps anchor your company values with green corporate gifts for clients. With these branded promotional drinkware products, customers will be more inclined to purchase products from you over your competitors that offer environmentally damaging products. These green promotional gifts and marketing efforts show a lot about your company and what you stand for. 


These promotional drinkware products are a real call to your creativity with plenty of open spaces on which to brand your logo. Your logos can come in different colors, sizes, and shapes. Just send over your artwork and we will do the rest! The printing of your company logo helps to increase your brand awareness and recall whenever consumers use them. You can also offer this bamboo drinkware as personalized employee gifts for your company to boost your relationship and teamwork with employees!

Boost your sales:

With the world fast becoming environmentally conscious, it is the perfect time to introduce your customers to these eco-friendly bamboo promotional drinkware products. Customers will be attracted to your company because the bamboo products you have created are not only trendy but useful and safe to use as well. Your initiative to save the environment will definitely leave a positive impression on them in the long run. In return, people are more willing to purchase from you than from your competitors.

Learning Points 

Bamboo and other sustainable promotional drinkware products represent the ideal promotional gift for a green marketing campaign that will not only benefit the environment but additionally strengthen your company image. 

Green corporate gifts are all the rage today and many people are joining in on the conversation about going green. Therefore, you should take advantage of this development and get creative with your brand identity as much as you want.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How are bamboo cups made?

Resin is added to a mixture of natural bamboo fibers and non-GMO corn-starch. The resin makes the bamboo cups hard, durable, and sustainable. Hence, the cups will last for years if used in a way it is intended to.

Are bamboo products safe and hygienic to use?

Bamboo fibers are naturally anti-bacterial due to a substance known as “bamboo Kun’. It is an antimicrobial bio-agent that gives the bamboo its natural antibacterial properties. Hence, they are safe to use.

What is one disadvantage of bamboo?

Bamboo material has poor resistance to fungi, bacteria, and it is sensitive to attack from insects. Hence, if not well-taken care of, the material has a very short life.