Tired of the usual backpack or duffel bag? It is time to opt for a more comfortable and functional outdoor bag. Ditch the straps so you can move freely. How? Opt for fanny packs! Trendy and practical, a fanny pack with logo can offer tremendous benefits for your brand.

Fanny packs never go out of fashion. They are functional, convenient, comfortable, and very flexible, making them a great marketing gift idea for any business sector or industry. This type of bag is particularly ideal for sports, travel, and outdoor promotions.

Fanny Pack with Logo

Fanny Pack with Logo

If you are considering using a custom fanny pack for your next promotional campaign. Also known as a “waist bag”, a custom fanny pack is a great product to combine functionality and aesthetics. But how do you advertise with a fanny pack with logo?


  • Light
  • Waterproof
  • Stylish
  • Great for Outdoor Use
  • Comfortable
  • Convenient to Use
Fanny Pack with Logo

Fanny Pack with Logo

Fanny Pack with Logo: How to Market in Style?

1. Which Style Suits Your Market Best?

There are many types of fanny packs and you want to choose the style that your clients and staff will use. Fanny packs come in a wide variety of styles and serve different purposes. For instance, there are fanny packs designed for medical staff, for travels, and for sports. Utility fanny packs are great for technicians and mechanics who are always out on the field.


2. Waterproof Material for Long-Lasting Impressions

As fanny packs are designed for people with an active lifestyle, it only makes sense to use durable and waterproof materials to keep customers’ personal stuff safe and protected from the elements. This also ensures that your branding will last for years.

Fanny Pack with Logo

Fanny Pack with Logo


3. Consider Functionality

It sits comfortably on the hips no matter how you move, so it is very convenient to use, which makes it ideal for people with an active lifestyle. The front pockets allow you to have convenient access to your personal stuff, such as wallets, keys, and cards. Everything is within your reach.

As such, it is very important to ensure that customers will love the functionality just as much as the style.  Would smaller pockets be ideal? How about compartments? Would you like to add an adjustable belt for a perfect fit?


4.  Make it Stylish

Pulling off a fanny pack outfit can be very tricky. You need to find the right balance between style and functionality. After all, you want your marketing gift to be of use to your audience. However, you want to make sure that the branding is discreet yet recognizable so that it doesn’t just look like a cheap promotional giveaway, but something that they can be proud of using. It is also important to consider who your target market is to ensure that the designs suit them perfectly.


5. Make It Swag

If you are joining a trade show, make sure that your brand stands out with this custom waist bag. For sports brands, you may add a custom sweatband, a packet of tissues, or better yet, put together a first aid kit!

It is also a fantastic swag bag for fundraisers and charity events. What to put in the bag? Since we are yet to see the end of this pandemic, it would be wise to add a small bottle of hand sanitizer, wet wipes, a promotional face mask, and a custom face mask pouch. This way, the people who attended your event will be safe from contracting the virus.

Marketing drinks? Take your brand up and center with a belt bag! It is a handy little item that beer lovers will surely love. They can keep their custom bottle opener and multi-use tools in it. So the next time they go camping, they can have all their essentials in one convenient place!


Are Fanny Packs with Logo Worth the Investment?

When it comes to marketing gifts, investing in a fanny pack with logo is a smart move. Done right, your customers will be happy to receive a stylish fanny pack that they can use wherever they go. As a fashion accessory, they can also be a great marketing tool for influencer marketing.

As for the cost of production, they are fairly inexpensive. As it is made with comfort and convenience in mind, it is generally sturdy. Therefore, it stays with the target market long enough to cement your reputation and drive your marketing message.


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