Sell More Booze with This Alcohol Brand Merchandise Idea!

Many alcohol brands give away alcohol brand merchandise such as travel bags, which are perfect for traveling. They are most commonly found in Duty-Free shops, so it was definitely interesting when we found this promotion happening in a Singapore supermarket!

alcohol brand merchandise

alcohol brand merchandise

Reasons why this Alcohol Brand Merchandise is Effective!

The reason why this GWP is effective due to the quality of the gift being offered. It reflects the quality of the product as the gift-with-purchase should be on par with the product to attract the right consumers.

alcohol brand merchandise

alcohol brand merchandise

Add Value to Product

The alcohol brand merchandise offered are a Chivas Backpack (worth $69) and a custom Toiletry Bag (worth $29). They are able to help justify the prices of the Chivas Whisky and add value to the product. This gives customers a valid reason to purchase from your brand and not your competitors. By offering a GWP promo, customers will also feel cared for by the company, especially with such quality items.

Brand Exposure/Customer Recall

With the current pandemic, staycations have become extremely popular. What better way to gain exposure than with some alcohol brand merchandise? This will allow customers to bring the gwp toiletry bag and backpack to their staycations. It helps gain brand exposure as the brand logo will be spotted by other hotel visitors.


The custom promotional merchandise offered is highly versatile and can be used for multiple purposes and different locations! For example, the toiletry bag could also be used as a substitute pencil case or a cosmetic bag. Therefore customers would definitely appreciate having a spare bag to use while enjoying their whisky! Additionally, the versatility of the product means that it would be used frequently thus helping with brand exposure.

Greater Revenues

There is a minimum purchase amount set to obtain alcohol branded merchandise. So if it is something that the customers are keen on obtaining, it may help to boost the revenue of the alcohol as customers spend more to get it!

alcohol brand merchandise

alcohol brand merchandise

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alcohol brand merchandise

alcohol brand merchandise

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