Nowadays, there is an increasing demand for reusable drinkware such as custom reusable tumblers. This is because our society is becoming more eco-conscious in their purchases. They are also becoming more aware of the carbon footprint they are leaving behind. Thus, it is essential for you to understand your  consumers’ changing needs. Only by doing so would you be able to improve your business operations and remain relevant in consumers’ eyes. 

The local convenience store in Mexico acknowledges this trend. Furthermore, the strategic arrangement of their coffee-related products on their customized pop display helped them communicate their environmental stance. Here, you’ll see that they placed Andatti’s coffee tumblers together with their coffee products.

Custom Reusable Tumbler - 9 Reasons We Love This Coffee Merch

Custom Reusable Tumbler – 9 Reasons We Love This Coffee Merch

9 Reasons Why We Love This Promotion:

  1. Strategically Positioned: The convenience store positioned these branded tumblers directly behind the machines. Thus, when customers are getting their coffee, they know that they are going to get reusable tumblers for free. This strategic brand positioning frames the coffee shop merchandise perfectly, motivating customers to buy their exclusive products.
  2. Immediate call-to-action: There is an immediate call-to-action for customers, encouraging them to “Reduce, Reutilize and Recycle.” The slogan printed on the board will encourage more people to purchase the custom reusable tumblers. This targets customers who look for environment-friendly alternatives to disposable cups.
  3. Lasting Impression: The custom reusable tumbler promotion is effective. This is because the strategic placement of products coupled with the promotional message and the tumblers are sure to create lasting impressions on customers. 
  4. Message: What we love most about this promotion is the message that comes along with it. The message from this promotion: “When you have reusable cups, you help to take care of our planet – reduce (trash)/reuse/recycle.” This serves as a reminder to consumers to play their part in conserving and saving the planet. 

    Custom Reusable Tumbler - 9 Reasons We Love This Coffee Merch

    Custom Reusable Tumbler – 9 Reasons We Love This Coffee Merch

  5. Convenience: With a custom reusable tumbler, customers can now drink their coffee at their convenience. There is no reason to finish the cup of coffee immediately anymore. This is because this promotional coffee tumbler is able to keep the drink warm for a long period of time. Additionally, it is also easier to bring a cup of coffee around. This is because unlike the disposable coffee cups, you can’t feel the heat from the coffee with the tumbler.

  6. Materials: Firstly, the branded coffee tumbler is made up of stainless steel 304, a material that can withstand corrosion. This can be washed and sanitized. Its wide base ensures stability, so it won’t topple over easily. If you are considering creating your own coffee tumbler, it would be safer to add a water slide to keep the liquid in.

  7. Healthier Option: Judging by the materials alone, the custom reusable tumbler is a healthier option than using plastic ones. This is because plastic often leaches harmful chemicals when they get in contact with heat. With stainless steel tumblers, you would be protected from such chemicals leaking into your drinks.

  8. Stylish: Custom reusable tumblers offers a premium look and feel as compared to traditional disposable cups. For example, the tumblers by Andatti is unique and eye-catching as it has a sleek design and uses gradient metallic colors. 

  9. Eco-friendly alternative: The benefits of using custom reusable tumblers goes beyond customers and companies. The use of tumblers over disposable cups would also benefit the environment. As the name suggests, customers can use them over and over again. This minimizes the plastic trash that goes to our landfill.

In a Nutshell,

Listed above are the 9 reasons why we love custom reusable tumblers and we believe you’ll love them too! However, the use of tumblers is not the only way you can make a difference both to your company and the environment. You can also protect the environment by changing your manufacturing processes. For example, you can utilize manufacturing eco-friendly inksmanufacturing organic pigments for labeling.

You can also change your packaging to one that is more environmentally friendly. For example, you can incorporate branded wood packaging, compostable paper packaging or even sugar cane packaging

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