Hand warmers are the perfect promotional items to offer during this cold winter season. Read on to find out more about them!

The hand warmers as promotional gifts

The hand warmers as promotional gifts

No more cold hands with the hand warmer

This promotional item is actually really simple; a small metal capsule is placed inside the hand warmer and when pressed, it causes a chemical reaction and starts heating the liquid inside.

The most best part is that the hand warmer can be customized fully for your marketing campaign. You can choose from an infinite number of shapes, colors and sizes and it can also be branded your company logo or name. It’s a gift that can keep your customers warm for a long time and it will certainly help to remind them of your company as well.

Customize your promotional items

Customize your promotional items

4 Reasons to Give Away Promotional Items

  • Customer appreciation:

Promotional gifts are an excellent way to show appreciation to your clients, this aids in customer retention as happy customers are loyal customers.

  • Goodwill/Enhance Image:

Many companies use promotional items to increase goodwill and enhance their brand image.

  • Employee Incentive:

Promotional items are powerful tools for motivating employee. Many companies offer incentives to their employees as rewards for their hard work. On another note, Promotional items can also be used to reduce the absentee rate, reduce workplace accidents and increase productivity.

  • Creating Awareness:

Promotional items are one of the best ways to introduce a new product or service to your customers. One of the things that promotional products do extremely well is raise awareness.

The hand warmers as promotional items

The hand warmers as promotional items

How to choose the right promotional items

It is important to get an idea of what kind of gifts your target audience might appreciate. The choice often depends on the industry you are in, but there are certain products that can be used for all industries. Such promotional items include tote bags, pens, laser pointers, wallets, lanyards, t-shirts, key chains, hand warmers etc.

If you are looking for great promotional gifts do not hesitate to contact us or our design team, we will be glad to help you finding the most suitable marketing object for your clients.