10 promotional items to get through your winter!

Promotional items are a very good way for you to increase your sales at any time! As you know, winter is coming, and it is time for you to fight against cold winds, snow, rain etc., but also to prepare yourself for winter sports! So don’t wait anymore, take a look at some promotional gifts to boost your business during this cold season.

Stay warm with these Promotional items

When you buy skis, or a snowboard, or any outdoor sports equipment that you will be expected to stay outside in the cold for a long time, the least you can do is to be well prepared against the cold.

Nobody likes to have cold hands during the icy cold days of winter. So have a look at these beautiful customizable gloves that will make you trendy! This is a good promotional gift because you can print whatever you want on this, choose the color.  So every time your customers put these gloves on, you will see the brand on it, and maybe you will think about buying another product from the same brand.

Winter Promotional Items


With the same purpose in mind, these hats will keep your head warm regardless of rain, snow or wind. The fact that you can embroider a logo on it is a really good added value to this beautiful gift with purchase. Having a logo branded on such products increase brand visibility, especially when this item is worn regularly on the head. Moreover, the product and logo branding is close to eye level, which allows it to be easily visible.

Winter Promotional ItemsWinter Promotional Items

Winter Promotional Items


In another kind, water bottles plush will be perfect for every chilly customer. But it will also be the perfect cozy object for your home. It shows a cute plush toy that you can snuggle while keeping your body warm. Furthermore, this cold weather promotional item will definitely be highly used during the winter time. Hence, it will bring about high brand remembrance when it is used around the house so often.

Winter Promotional Items

Here’s another one of the winter promo items that will definitely warm the cockles of your heart this winter. Take a look at these comfortable pair of slippers. These are materials that keep your feet warm and can be used in your house as bedroom slippers. When the floors are cold, such bedroom slippers keep you warm. They can be worn around the house, which also brings about high brand remembrance. This is definitely perfect for winter promotions!

Stay Fun and trendy with those gifts with purchase

Whether you are a ski seller, or a winter accessories seller, you definitely will enjoy those trendy promotional products. They will allow your client to be trendy on the ski slopes, to be the warlord of snow ball fights, the leader of all the race sleds, the best cooker of the Alps, or to feel like an Eskimo at home. But it will also promote your brand very nicely. These glasses are extremely fashionable and trendy, you will stay cool amongst the cold. So don’t wait for it, and go buy those amazing products !

Fun and Trendy Promotionnal Gifts

Looking for fun promo products? Next, we have an snowball maker. Perfect for the snow, these snowball makers generate snowballs so that you can have a fun snowball showdown with your family and friends. This is definitely a promotional item that will be enjoyed by all, as they brave through the cold and spend time with each other. Moreover, it has sufficient area for your company branding! Make this the perfect white Christmas!


Fun and Trendy Promotionnal Gifts

Fun and Trendy Promotional Gifts

Likewise, this shovel is also great for the snow and is a great winter promotional product. This shovel compliments the snowball maker well, and also allows families to build sandcastles together. Being available in many different colours, it appeals to all! Furthermore, these shovels can also be used for summer to build sandcastles and even autumn to pick up leaves.

Fun and Trendy Promotionnal Gifts

Fun and Trendy Promotional Gifts

Fun and Trendy Promotionnal Gifts

Fun and Trendy Promotional Gifts

Winter promo items are not only for humans. We also have items for your furry pets at home. Take a look at these igloo dog houses. They are built with a comfortable material that keeps your furry pets warm. These are the homes of your furry animals and these homes bring about high brand remembrance and visibility.

Fun and Trendy Promotionnal Gifts

Fun and Trendy Promotional Gifts

All in all, winter GWP like these are simply perfect for winter. If you are looking for promotional product ideas, ODM Group has over 8,000 case studies of promotional products, POS displays, and we even have some Covid-19 products in store for you. You can view our blogs here! Furthermore, if you are interested in any of these winter promotional items, you can contact us at ODM Group and we will be happy to assist you.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

What are winter hats made of?

Winter hats have the intention of keeping its users warm. Hence, they are made of warmer fabrics like wool, felt, fur and fleece.

Are dog igloos safe for my pets?

The architecture and ergonomics of the dog igloo house allows for retainment of heat while keeping out elements like rain and heat.

What are the best fabrics used for the cold winter weather?

It ranges from cotton, wool, fur, fleece and even leather.

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