One of the first things everybody thinks is typical about Germany is their love of beer. There are around 1400 breweries in Germany, that’s more than France, Italy and Spain combined. For this reason, German breweries have to make individual and outstanding marketing campaigns.

Paulaner is one of these breweries and they started a campaign with their bottle caps this summer. Paulaner offers a free personalized glass with your name on it when buying their beer.

Free individual glass campaign by Paulaner

Free personalized glass campaign by Paulaner

How do you get a personalized glass by Paulaner?

Firstly, the costumer has to buy at least 6 Paulaner beers. After collecting 6 of the bottle caps with a so called “Paulaner thaler” on it, the costumer sends in these thaler and the name he want to have on the glass to Paulaner. Lastly, he receives the personalized glass from Paulaner.

Free personalized glass campaign by Paulaner

Free personalized glass campaign by Paulaner

What are the benefits of this campaign?

A big benefit of this campaign is that the company still earns money selling at least 6 bottles of beer to the costumer. Once the costumer starts collecting the bottle caps, he probably will only buy Paulaner to get enough bottle caps to receive the personalized glass.

An other big benefit is the branded glass itself. Drinking beer out of the personalized glass from Paulaner, the client will connect the enjoyment of drinking beer directly with the brand.

Promotional products like this personalized glass are a fantastic way to promote your brand, your new product or you companies anniversary. If you want to learn more about promotional products, feel free to contact us.

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