The famous Danish fitness chain, Fitness World is now offering a premium to customers as an award for opening an account. The account opener will give costumers the benefit to choose between two welcome packages. These packages will contain either a Fitness World bag or on pack promotions as towels, key hangers, shakers etc.

Big fitness chain offers free gifts as an account opener

Big fitness chain offers free gifts as an account opener

ODMasia supports marketing efforts like account openers, because its a great way to do something extraordinary of your consumers. Also it creates brilliant brand awareness if you print your company logo at the gifts like Fitness World is doing. This is a great way of expanding your business, because customers actually will make small advertisement fore you in public without even notice.

Growing business

Within the last couple of years, Fitness World has achieved a large organic growth, because of their creative ways of doing their marketing. The account opener premium is now fully integrated in the approach to the Danish market, which makes people think about the buzz word, service every time they hear the name Fitness World. 

Recently latest statistics confirms that the company do have the right approach to the market. The company have within few years expanded their business from 80 fitness chains to above 150 around in Denmark.

Big fitness chain offers free gifts as an account opener

Big fitness chain offers free gifts as an account opener

What is an account opener?

Account openers are basically when you sell products in which customers need to open an account before they can purchase. It is often seen in B2B when retailers are purchasing. Its also seen when people needs to pay a monthly fee for something to get access.

Account openers are beneficial in many ways. It gives you details about your customers and is clearly a quick way to gain revenue and market share. Below is listed some advantages by offering account openers premiums:

  • Effective brand awareness.
  • Cheap marketing approach.
  • Closer relationship to your customers.
  • Possibilities for psychographic customer segmentation.

If you want to learn more about account openers, feel free to contact the ODM Group. We have years of experience with sourcing promotional products for companies all over the world. If you are interested in similar products, then check out some of our related case studies below:

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