Yet another discovery from the recent Hong Kong Toys and Games Trade Fair: customized Umbrella handles.

This product takes the form of various vehicles when folded due to the specific shape of the knob and outer decoration. We liked this items because of the flexibility it offers in term of appearance.

Nothing prevents the customization of the umbrella knobs into something entirely new such as a different vehicle,  a company logo or mascot – whatever comes to your mind.

This allows for a clear differentiation from a rather commoditized product, thus making your company stand out from competition.

Additionally, the exterior of the umbrella remains a very effective location to insert your logo and/or showcase your brand.

ODM is able to customize umbrella according to your requirements regarding color, logo positioning, knobs, etc… Do not wait any longer, let us help you transform small and handy object such as umbrellas into a promotional platforms for your company!

You could use this same plastic moulded top for pencil cases or other promotional products in the cut and sew line…