The Hong Kong Toys And Game Fair proved to be a goldmine in term of new concepts and ideas for the promotional industry. This is once again demonstrated by the following product: an innovative laptop cushion.

The primary purpose of laptop trays are to protect your computer from the direct emission of the heat and allow air to circulate to the cooling fans. Secondly, it must provide you with additional comfort and ease of use. Lastly, it must prevent your computer from receiving unwanted material and other dust into the case, thus greatly improving its lifespan.

The following laptop cushions achieve just this, but they also provide you with a  removable LED light which can be used during those extra work / play sessions lasting until night time, thus limiting the damage to your eyes.

These trays also have a mug holder on the top right in order to prevent your drink from spilling all over your laptop. The cushion is fully customizable with any logo or picture you would like printed on it.

A truly exciting product differentiating yourself from the competition – a bundle of cool features making it unique.

Do not hesitate to contact ODM if you have any comments or request, we will be happy provide you with information or quote.

We will shortly post a blog on Ipad cases which double as stands – stay tuned.