If you are part of the drinks industry you definitely know a thing or two about having fun. Everything about your business is about encouraging your customers to have a good time and your drinks promotions to do the same! Use custom barware to mix up innovative bar promotion ideas. Adding refreshing twists that your customers will love and enjoy.

custom barware

custom barware

These custom barware tools ensure that your customers not only enjoy their time at your bar. Here are some custom barware ideas that are both functional and sophisticated to represent your brand.

1. Customisable

These barware tools are easily customisable to fit your company by printing your logo or brand name onto these tools. Customers at bars enjoy looking at bartenders putting on a show mixing up their drinks. With your brand name on these bar tools, you know it’s going to be seen by customers waiting for their drinks. Customisation makes these ideas versatile to increase your brand exposure. If you dream it, you can design it!

Cocktail Shaker

custom barware - cocktail shaker

custom barware – cocktail shaker

A cocktail shaker is one tool bartenders use to put on a performance for customers who purchase cocktails at the bar. One barware tool that customers will keep their eyes on and also have fun with learning how to make the drinks they enjoy. Shake up your promotions with this drink making tool.

2. High-End Appeal

For promotions of class, these ideas of barware tools are the way to go! These variety of tools represent the class and quality of your bar, the drinks and services your brand offers. This is a versatile promotion that you can use at the bar, sell to your customers, with your products as gifts with purchases or as a giveaway combo. These personalised tools make great high-end promotions in bars or with your customers at home!

Personalised Multi Purpose Tool

custom barware - personalised multi bar tool

custom barware – personalised multi bar tool

Beers, wines, cans, whatever needs opening this personalised multi purpose tool can open it for you. Feature your company logo on this tool and whenever someone pops open a bottle they’ll be reminded of your brand. Beer openers, cork openers for wine bottles are something your customers will always need! This is a product to add for branding!

3. Stainless Steel Material

Stainless steel is a family of iron-based alloys and other components that prevents rusting as well as providing heat resistant properties, increasing durability. Especially with the contact to liquids these tools will face. Stainless steel’s corrosion resistance can be further enhanced by adding elements such as, nickel, molybdenum, titanium, niobium and manganese, etc.

Ice Tongs

custom barware - ice tongs

custom barware – ice tongs

The simplest yet one of the most useful tool one can have when making drinks and not only for those who enjoy a cocktail! This tool will prove useful in many ways and will certainly make a great promotion for your brand.

4. Great Giveaways & Gifts

The drinks industry has a large demographic of customers who love the occasional drink. Customise these barware to your brand and it makes the ideal giveaway because they will get used. Almost everyone can enjoy and get use out of them. Gifts are another marketing strategy, let regifting be your marketing gift!


custom barware - pourer

custom barware – pourer

This may not be a necessity but it certainly makes the pouring of drinks much easier. This makes it less messy and more consistent. Having this on hand while making drinks for a smooth, incredible pour. Make this a branded tool for customers.

5. Functional & Fashionable

Make your promotions long lasting and refreshing by leaving your brand on custom barware. These bar accessories will make cocktail hours extra special for your customers in and out of the bar. Functional & Fashionable to represent your brand in the right spirit filled way!

Measuring Tool & Strainer

custom barware - measuring tool

custom barware – measuring tool

Accuracy and precision is important when making your drink. These are essential tools every bartender will have. Getting the balance of right for your drink is essential and this measuring tool will help you achieve that. While a strainer is used when transferring a freshly shaken cocktail for consumption. Include this in your set of tools as a gift set or giveaway for perfect drink making set.

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In the increasingly competitive drinks industry mixing up for bar promotions with these custom barware ideas for drinks marketing will be sure to impress customers!

If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact our team, we’d love to hear from you! With years of experience in the industry we will be sure to provide ideas that will boost sales for your brand.

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