Jack Daniel’s recently advertised with free promotional luggage bags at HKG Airport for their 150th anniversary. With a minimal Purchase of 580 HKD the customer will get a free travel bag and with a Purchase of 1300 HKD a free trolley. Promoting your products at an Airport with promotional luggage is probably the best way to catch potential costumers, who have enough time by waiting for boarding the plain.

Free Gift: Promotional Luggage Bags by Jack Daniel's

Free Gift: Promotional Luggage Bags by Jack Daniel’s

This nice looking promotional luggage bags matches perfectly with the modern and exclusive way the brand wants to present herself for their 150th anniversary. This branded black travel bag has nice handles and looks very modern with its modest design of two black stripes. It can be closed by a black zipper, while it also gives a lot of space for a big branding of your logo or campaign motto.

The Trolley is also designed very modestly and is, like the travel bag, very useful too, as your customer can use this promotional gift directly. The Trolley has four full turn-able roles, which makes it very flexible in the everyday life of a busy traveler. Its hard case protects the clothes and electric goods inside of rough handling. The Space on this Trolley is very big, which gives you the chance to brand this as well with your logo or campaign motto.

Why should you think about Promotional Luggage Bags?

  • Boost your sales. These promotional luggage bags will boost your sale over a long period. After Purchasing these, they will be taking on any trip, where they will gain a lot of attention by the travel companions.
  • Additional Costumer. Costumers, (whether they are current customers or potential costumers) will be attracted by these promotional luggage bags and will think about getting these.

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How does using a free gift help my brand?

Free gifts are awesome incentives to encoourage increased purchases as customers would buy more of your product to qualify for the gift. It also helps brand retention and increases brand awareness.

Why choose a promotional luggage bag?

Depending on what industry you are, you will find that luggage bags always come in handy as people need quality bags to pack their things and travelling is now more frequent and easier than it used to be. Having a branded luggage bag will help more people recognise your brand as the recipients take them on trips.

What materials are best for luggage bags?

The most popular hard material is polycarbonate, aluminum, ABS, and polypropylene. You can also use PVC or leather. Depends on your budget and what you are going for.